FAA 14 CFR part 107 Practice Exam

Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, and Private Pilot

Welcome to your Remote Pilot Unmanned Aircraft System Practice Exam

1. (Refer to Figure 25, area 4.) The floor of Class B airspace overlying Hicks Airport (T67) north-northwest of Fort Worth Meacham Field is
2. Every physical process of weather is accompanied by, or is the result of, a
3. Which of these operations must comply with 14 CFR Part 107?
4. (Refer to Figure 26, area 1.) You have been asked to inspect the tower just north of Binford. What restrictions should the Remote PIC be concerned with prior to operating the sUAS?
5. According to 14 CFR Part 48, when must a person register a small UA with the Federal Aviation Administration?
6. You plan to operate a 33 lb sUAS to capture aerial imagery over real estate for use in sales listings. What FAA regulation is this sUAS operation subject to?
7. You have received authorization to operate an sUAS at an airport. When flying the sUAS, the ATC tower instructs you to stay clear of all runways. Which situation would indicate that you are complying with this request?
8. What can help a pilot mitigate stress?
9. According to 14 CFR Part 107, the responsibility to inspect the small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) to ensure it is in safe operating condition rests with the
10. What causes variations in altimeter settings between weather reporting points?
11. Where can you find information about operating in an MOA along your planned route of flight?
12. A common cause of sUAS flyaway events is
13. An FDC NOTAM will typically contain information
14. In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, you may operate an sUAS from a moving vehicle when no property is carried for compensation or hire
15. (Refer to Figure 78) What is the minimum base of the cloud layer to fly to the top of the towers 4 NM east of Onawa (K36)?
16. When operating an unmanned aircraft, the remote pilot-in-command should consider that the load factor on the wings or rotors may be increased anytime
17. To satisfy medical requirements, all sUAS crew members must
18. When loading cameras or other equipment on an sUAS, mount the items in a manner that
19. An extreme case of a pilot getting behind the aircraft can lead to the operational pitfall of
20. What feature is normally associated with the cumulus stage of a thunderstorm?
21. What should a remote pilot do if the sUAS they are operating collides with a bird or wildlife?
22. The most critical conditions of launch performance are the result of some combination of high gross weight, altitude, temperature, and
23. Entries into traffic patterns by manned aircraft while descending create specific collision hazards and
24. What situation is most conducive to the formation of radiation fog?
25. An autonomous operation requires the following crewmembers.
26. (Refer to Figure 71, area 6) Sky Way Airport is
27. What action, if any, is appropriate if the remote pilot deviates from Part 107 during an emergency?
28. In which situation is advection fog most likely to form?
29. (Refer to Figure 20, area 3.) You need to operate your sUAS in close proximity of the Elizabeth City CGAS RGL (ECG) airport. What frequency should be used to contact ATC?
30. Thunderstorms reach their greatest intensity during the
31. An increase in load factor will cause an unmanned aircraft to
32. You have received an outlook briefing from flight service through 1800wxbrief.com. The briefing indicates you can expect a low-level temperature inversion with high relative humidity. What weather conditions would you expect?
33. (Refer to Figure 12). The remarks section for KMDW has "RAB35" listed. This entry means
34. You have accepted football tickets in exchange for using your sUAS to videotape a future construction zone. What FAA regulation is this sUAS operation subject to?
35. You wish to start a local delivery business using an sUAS to drop small packages at the front door of customer. The customer's residence is not always within visual line-of-sight (VLOS) of the Remote PIC located at the delivery facility. Under which circumstances would this be authorized?
36. The remote PIC may operate how many sUAS at a time?
37. A UAS loaded with the most rearward center of gravity is
38. What will a convective SIGMET be issued for?
39. During the preflight inspection who is responsible for determining the aircraft is safe for flight?
40. When a manned aircraft is approaching to land at an airport in Class G airspace without an operating control tower, the pilot will
41. The basic weather minimums for operating an sUAS up to the 400 feet AGL limit are
42. If the outside air temperature (OAT) at a given altitude is warmer than standard, the density altitude is
43. Within how many days must an sUAS accident be reported to the FAA?
44. (Refer to Figure 23, area 3.) What is the floor of the Savannah Class C airspace at the shelf area (outer circle)?
45. (Refer to Figure 2.) If an unmanned airplane weighs 33 pounds, what approximate weight would the airplane structure be required to support during a 30 degree banked turn while maintaining altitude?
46. What conditions are necessary for the formation of thunderstorms?
47. Which of the following sources of information should you consult first when determining what maintenance should be performed on an sUAS or its components?
48. You are operating a 1,280 g (2.8 lb) quadcopter for your own enjoyment. What FAA regulation is this sUAS operation subject to?
49. (Refer to Figure 21.) What airport is located approximately 47 (degrees) 40 (minutes) N latitude and 101 (degrees) 26 (minutes) W longitude?
50. Each person who holds a pilot certificate, a U.S. driver's license, or a medical certificate shall present it for inspection upon the request of the Administrator, the National Transportation Safety Board, or any
51. Which would most likely result in hyperventilation?
52. What effect does high density altitude have on the efficiency of a UA propeller?
53. In what stage are thunderstorms the strongest?
54. The development of thermals depends upon
55. When setting up the location of the control station and placement of crewmembers for an afternoon flight, which of the following would be most appropriate for ensuring that vision is not impaired by the environment?
56. (Refer to Figure 69.) You are inspecting the lighted towers approximately 8 NM SW of the Corpus Christi Intl airport (CRP). What is the lowest cloud cover that will enable you to inspect the top of the tower?
57. What is the best way for a remote pilot to determine the likelihood of local fog formation?
58. Sunrise is 0645. When can you launch your sUAS operation?
59. (Refer to Figure 24, area 1.) How close can the Remote PIC fly their sUAS to the Majors airport (GVT) without having to contact ATC?
60. The term "angle of attack" is defined as the angle