FAA 14 CFR part 107 Practice Exam

Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, and Private Pilot

Welcome to your Remote Pilot Unmanned Aircraft System Practice Exam


To ensure that the unmanned aircraft center of gravity (CG) limits are not exceeded, follow the aircraft loading instructions specified in the

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What should remote pilots rely on for wire strike avoidance?

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If there is thunderstorm activity in the vicinity of an airport at which you plan to land, which hazardous atmospheric phenomenon might be expected during recovery/landing of the sUAS?

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When an ATC clearance has been obtained, no remote PIC may deviate from that clearance, unless that pilot obtains an amended clearance. The one exception to this regulation is

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What affect does humidity have on performance?

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What purpose does a rudder perform on an sUAS airplane?

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You have been hired as a Remote Pilot in Command by a local TV news station to film breaking news with a small unmanned aircraft. You expressed a safety concern and the station manager has instructed you to "fly first, ask questions later." What type of hazardous attitude does this attitude represent?

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In what stage are thunderstorms the strongest?

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Which basic flight maneuver increases the load factor on an sUAS as compared to straight-and-level flight?

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An aircraft announces that they are on short final for runway 9. Where will the aircraft be in relation to the airport?

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Sunrise is 0645. When can you launch your sUAS operation?

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When should pilots state their position on the airport when calling the tower for takeoff?

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Personnel at an outdoor concert venue use an sUAS to drop promotional t-shirts and CDs over the audience. Is this sUAS operation in compliance with 14 CFR Part 107?

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(Refer to Figure 25, area 2) The airspace directly overlying Addison Airport (ADS) is

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During the preflight inspection who is responsible for determining the aircraft is safe for flight?

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(Refer to Figure 20, area 3.) You need to operate your sUAS in close proximity of the Elizabeth City CGAS RGL (ECG) airport. What frequency should be used to contact ATC?

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(Refer Figure 20, area 5.) How would a remote PIC "CHECK NOTAMS" as noted in the CAUTION box regarding the unmarked balloon?

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How should an sUAS preflight inspection be accomplished for the first flight of the day?

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The basic weather minimums for operating an sUAS up to the 400 feet AGL limit are

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To get a complete weather overview for the planned flight, the remote pilot in command should obtain

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A law enforcement officer witnesses careless or reckless behavior while observing sUAS operations and requests the operator submit to a drug or alcohol test. What are the consequences if this request is denied?

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Under what condition should the operator of a small unmanned aircraft establish a scheduled maintenance protocol?

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What effect does an uphill terrain slope have on launch performance?

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When requesting a waiver, the required documents should be presented to the FAA at least how many days prior to the planned operation?

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Which of these operations must comply with 14 CFR Part 107?

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In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, except when within a 400 foot radius of a structure, at what maximum altitude can you operate sUAS?

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After receiving a Part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating, how often must you satisfy recurrent training requirements?

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What causes variations in altimeter settings between weather reporting points?

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As you are flying your sUAS, valued at $1,000, over a home to photograph it for real estate sales purposes, the sUAS has a failure causing it to fall onto an awning, causing some minor damage. The fair market value of the awning is $800 but it can be repaired for $400. What type of report is required?

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The FAA publication that provides the aviation community with basic flight information and Air Traffic Control procedures for use in the National Airspace System of the United States is the

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A person without a Part 107 remote pilot certificate may operate an sUAS for commercial operations

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During your preflight inspection, you discover that the casing of your sUAS battery has expanded beyond its normal dimensions. What action should you take?

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In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, at what maximum altitude can you operate an sUAS when inspecting a tower with a top at 1,000 ft AGL at close proximity (within 100 feet)?

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Thunderstorms reach their greatest intensity during the

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Which would most likely result in hyperventilation?

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An FDC NOTAM will typically contain information

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An increase in load factor will cause an unmanned aircraft to

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(Refer to Figure 75.) The airspace surrounding the Gila Bend AF AUX Airport (GXF) (area 6) is classified as Class

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(Refer to Figure 26, area 1.) You have been asked to inspect the tower just north of Binford. What restrictions should the Remote PIC be concerned with prior to operating the sUAS?

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Which of the following sources of information should you consult first when determining what maintenance should be performed on an sUAS or its components?

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What effect does high density altitude have on the efficiency of a UA propeller?

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When using a small unmanned aircraft in a commercial operation, who is responsible for briefing the participants about emergency procedures?

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Which of the following crewmembers must be used during Part 107 sUAS operations?

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Before each flight, the Remote PIC must ensure that

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(Refer to Figure 2.) If an unmanned airplane weighs 33 pounds, what approximate weight would the airplane structure be required to support during a 30 degree banked turn while maintaining altitude?

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What antidotal phrase can help reverse the hazardous attitude of impulsivity?

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An extreme case of a pilot getting behind the aircraft can lead to the operational pitfall of

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When adapting crew resource management (CRM) concepts to the operation of a small unmanned aircraft, CRM must be integrated into

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In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, you may operate an sUAS from a moving vehicle when no property is carried for compensation or hire

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(Refer to Figure 71, area 6) Sky Way Airport is

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You have received authorization to operate an sUAS at an airport. When flying the sUAS, the ATC tower instructs you to stay clear of all runways. Which situation would indicate that you are complying with this request?

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Automatic Terminal Information Service (ATIS) is the continuous broadcast of recorded information concerning

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A strong steady wind exists out of the north. You need to photograph an area to the south of your location. You are located in an open field with no obstructions. Which of the following is not a concern during this operation?

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To satisfy medical requirements, all sUAS crewmembers must

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According to 14 CFR Part 48, when must a person register a small UA with the Federal Aviation Administration?

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The remote PIC may operate how many sUAS at a time?

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When a manned aircraft is approaching to land at an airport in Class G airspace without an operating control tower, the pilot will

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Which is true regarding the presence of alcohol within the human body?

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According to 14 CFR Part 107, the responsibility to inspect the small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) to ensure it is in safe operating condition rests with the

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What can affect your performance?

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