FAA 14 CFR part 107 Practice Exam

Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement for Sport Pilot, Recreational Pilot, and Private Pilot

Welcome to your Remote Pilot Unmanned Aircraft System Practice Exam


Guy wires, which support antenna towers, can extend horizontally; therefore, the towers should be avoided horizontally by at least

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Which of the following would medically disqualify a Remote Pilot?

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Under what condition should the operator of a small unmanned aircraft establish a scheduled maintenance protocol?

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(Refer to Figure 2.) If an sUAS weighs 50 pounds, what approximate weight would the sUAS structure be required to support during a 30 degree banked turn while maintaining altitude?

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(Refer to Figure 22 area 2; and Figure 31.) At Coeur D'Alene, which frequency should be used as a Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) to monitor airport traffic?

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After receiving a Part 107 remote pilot certificate with an sUAS rating, how often must you satisfy recurrent training requirements?

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The presence of ice pellets at the surface is evidence that there

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Every physical process of weather is accompanied by, or is the result of, a

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Where can you find information about operating in an MOA along your planned route of flight?

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After landing at a tower controlled airport, a pilot should contact ground control

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An ATC radar facility issues the following advisory to a pilot flying on a heading of 090 degrees: "UNMANNED AIRCRAFT OPERATIONS 3 O'CLOCK, 2 MILES, … " Where should the Remote PIC (also visual observer and crew, if applicable) look for this traffic in reference to the UA?

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What is the proper response by the Remote PIC if experiencing a lost link situation?

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According to 14 CFR Part 107, the responsibility to inspect the small unmanned aircraft system (sUAS) to ensure it is in safe operating condition rests with the

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(Refer to Figure 24, area 1.) How close can the Remote PIC fly their sUAS to the Majors airport (GVT) without having to contact ATC?

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Refer to Figure 21.) You have been hired by a farmer to use your small unmanned aircraft to inspect his crops. The area that you are to survey is in the Devil`s Lake West MOA, east of area 2. How would you find out if the MOA is active?

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The Common Traffic Advisory Frequency (CTAF) is used for manned aircraft to

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(Refer to Figure 21.) What airport is located approximately 47 (degrees) 40 (minutes) N latitude and 101 (degrees) 26 (minutes) W longitude?

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The development of thermals depends upon

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A crew conducting surveillance anticipates losing visual sight with the sUAS within a small segment of the flight plan. The flight

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A person without a Part 107 remote pilot certificate may operate an sUAS for commercial operations

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You have received authorization to operate an sUAS at an airport. When flying the sUAS, the ATC tower instructs you to stay clear of all runways. Which situation would indicate that you are complying with this request?

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Scheduled maintenance should be performed in accordance with the

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(Refer to Figure 26, Area 1) The airspace overlying Tomlinson Airport is

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Fatigue can be recognized

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To satisfy medical requirements, all sUAS crew members must

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(Refer to Figure 26.) What does the line of latitude at area 4 measure?

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In accordance with 14 CFR Part 107, at what maximum altitude can you operate an sUAS when inspecting a tower with a top at 1,000 ft AGL at close proximity (within 100 feet)?

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You are operating an sUAS that does not have GPS or an installed altimeter. How can you determine the altitude you are operating?

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Which crewmember is required to be under the direct supervision of the remote PIC when operating an sUAS?

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When loading cameras or other equipment on an sUAS, mount the items in a manner that

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An aircraft announces that they are on short final for runway 9. Where will the aircraft be in relation to the airport?

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What will a convective SIGMET be issued for?

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(Refer Figure 20, area 5.) How would a remote PIC "CHECK NOTAMS" as noted in the CAUTION box regarding the unmarked balloon?

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What are characteristics of a moist, unstable air mass?

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Under what circumstances may lithium batteries be carried during sUAS operations?

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In what stage are thunderstorms the strongest?

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Which of the following sources of information should you consult first when determining what maintenance should be performed on an sUAS or its components?

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According to 14 CFR Part 107, an sUAS is an unmanned aircraft system weighing

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When an ATC clearance has been obtained, no remote PIC may deviate from that clearance, unless that pilot obtains an amended clearance. The one exception to this regulation is

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Identify the hazardous attitude or characteristic a Remote Pilot in Command displays while taking risks in order to impress others?

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You have received an outlook briefing from flight service through 1800wxbrief.com. The briefing indicates you can expect a low-level temperature inversion with high relative humidity. What weather conditions would you expect?

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The most critical conditions of launch performance are the result of some combination of high gross weight, altitude, temperature, and

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(Refer to Figure 71, area 1.) The floor of the Class E airspace above Georgetown Airport (E36) is at

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According to 14 CFR part 107, how may a Remote Pilot in Command (Remote PIC) operate an unmanned aircraft in Class C airspace?

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Wind shear can exist

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A person may not act as a crewmember of a sUAS if alcoholic beverages have been consumed by that person within the preceding

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(Refer to Figure 26, area 1.) You have been asked to inspect the tower just north of Binford. What restrictions should the Remote PIC be concerned with prior to operating the sUAS?

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The remote PIC may operate how many sUAS at a time?

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(Refer to Figure 20, area 3.) What is the latitude and longitude location of the Elizabeth City CGAS RGL (ECG)?

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You wish to start a local delivery business using an sUAS to drop small packages at the front door of customer. The customer's residence is not always within visual line-of-sight (VLOS) of the Remote PIC located at the delivery facility. Under which circumstances would this be authorized?

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Who is responsible for ensuring that there are enough crewmembers for a given sUAS operation?

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You are conducting sUAS operations northeast of a nearby airport. While monitoring the CTAF, an aircraft announces that it is departing runway 36 utilizing a right traffic pattern. Will the aircraft potentially conflict with your operation?

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When turning onto a taxiway from another taxiway, what is the purpose of the taxiway directional sign?

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What should a remote pilot do if the sUAS they are operating collides with a bird or wildlife?

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Which would most likely result in hyperventilation?

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The minimum distance from clouds required for sUAS Part 107 operations is

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Which basic flight maneuver increases the load factor on an sUAS as compared to straight-and-level flight?

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(Refer to Figure 76.) What ATC permissions are required to operate near Anderson Airport?

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(Refer to Figure 15.) What is the forecast wind for KMEM from 1600Z until the end of the forecast?

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You are operating an sUAS that does not have GPS or an installed ground speed limiter. How can you determine the speed you are operating?

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